Iron Acton K9 Club

We are very happy to be restarting some of our training classes. Having taken into account all the guidance around Covid 19 we have started with small classes that can be held outside and hope to begin other classes over the next few weeks. For more information please get in touch via messenger on facebook or email to

Iron Acton K9 Club is listed with the Kennel Club. The club was formed by a group of friends living in Iron Acton, Frampton Cottrell, Rangeworthy and Yate who all enjoy training and working with their dogs. Initially we were a small group who met once a week in Iron Acton to do Flyball. From that small start we evolved and increased our activities to include agility, and gundog scurry in Iron Acton. We formed another section to include obedience training following the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme and basic Rally training in Rangeworthy Village Hall.

Newsletter April 2020

It’s been a strange Covid -19 restricted Spring this year. No training classes since the beginning of March, a single dog walk each day and certainly no bottom sniffing.
Luckily the weather has been beautiful and each solitary walk has been a pleasure and a reminder of how lucky we are to live in this lovely village. If we do happen to meet another dog walker whilst out and about then a socially distanced chat is an added pleasure.
Karen, our Club Class Trainer, hasn’t allowed us to neglect our training even though we can’t get together. We’ve been set weekly challenges which are reported in by photo or video. Each of these successes – or otherwise – is assessed and at the end of the lock down we will be issuing awards depending on how well each handler and dog have done and what level they have achieved. Exchanging training methods and photos over Whats App has also enabled members to keep in touch with each other.
So far,some of the challenges have been,to hold an unusual object, a crime scene where the dog pretends to be dead & is surrounded by treats marking the spot, send your dog around a marker, roll over, close a door or push a ball, spin around, dog walking a figure of 8 through the handlers legs and take a selfie with your dog’s chin on your shoulder.
We are also running a dog photography competition – the 3 classes being, Handsome Hunk, Pretty as a Picture and Make you Smile. The entries will be judged by Phil Girdlestone, a professional dog photographer.
For more information about the club please ring Sue on 01454 228803 or Karen on 01454 228891 or take a look at our facebook page or website

For more information contact:

Kennel Club CGCDS Training:

Karen: 01454 228891
Sue: 01454 228803
Trevor: 01454 775501

Agility / Flyball / Gundogs:

Karen: 01454 228891
Sue: 07706092597
Louise: 07941650188

Or email:


Annual Membership Fee: £6
Obedience class fee: £4
Puppy Course: 6 weeks £30
Foundation Course: 6 weeks £30
Activity Class Fee: £4