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Newsletter August 2019

Our Annual club show was held in July in the village, we were lucky to have a mostly dry day but one that wasn’t too hot for the dogs. We started with the activities and it was lovely to see so many of our members come along to try their skills on the various courses.

Winners of the Hay Bale Scurry were Remy with Meryl, winners of the Agility Challenge were Mr Bo with Becky ( a late substitute for her mum Sue – seems Becky can run quicker), Flyball winners were Bella with Kerry – this was the first time they had tried flyball and were very quick – one to watch in the future, Gun Dog retrieve winners were Poppy with Ruth – this pairing have worked very hard in their training and it was lovely to see that hard work pay dividends. Dogstacle course winners were Tara with Sue – well done the golden (or black in this case) oldies.

Overall Activity Challenge champions were Remy & Meryl, joint Reserve Champions were Lou & Daphne and Dave & Doris. Great work everyone.
The activities were followed by a much enjoyed communal picnic and then on to the novelty show which was really well supported with over 20 dogs in some of the classes.

Best Pedigree adult was Esme with Lindy, Best Crossbreed adult was Siku with Linzi, Best Pedigree Puppy Darcy with Lorraine, and Cutest Cross breed Puppy joint winners were Poppy with Cheryl and Percy with Rose. Best Golden Oldies were Shya & Karen, Prettiest Bitch was Indi with Heather, Handsomest Dog was Dennis with Micky, Best Brace were Sherpa & Saxon with Tori, Waggiest Tail was Milo with Bernice, Best Tricks was Mr Bo with Becky, and Dog the Judge would take home was Darcy with Lorraine.

Show champion was Darcy with Lorraine and Reserve Champion was Percy with Rose.

A lovely day was had by all.

If you would like more information about the club please ring Sue on 01454 228803 or Karen on 01454 228891 or visit our facebook page for more photos.

Newsletter July 2018

May Day came and went in a blaze of hot sun. We had a lovely time doing our display in the ring but were relieved to get back to the shade of the Dogstacle Course in the Meadows.

Our club show in July was another beautiful sunny day but again it was a bit too hot for dogs. Lots of our members came along to enjoy activity events, a BBQ and Novelty Show.

First up were the activities –Winners of the Agility Challenge were Lexie & Paul Hampson, Doris & Dave Morgan were runners up. Gundog scurry winners were Rain with Gill Chapman and runners up Poppy with Ruth Gumbrell. Haybale Scurry winners were Daphne & Louise Drew Morgan, Blossom & Anne Weaver were runners up. Flyball winners were Lexie with Paul, Tara with Sue Gadsby were runners up. Dogstacle course winners were Rosie with Sue Gadsby.

The overall Activity Champions were Lexie and Paul with Blossom and Ann runners up.

After a lovely BBQ the Novelty Show got underway with everyone vying for the shady spots in the ring. Best pedigree was won by Rain with Gill Chapman, Best Crossbreed was Rosie with Matt Lovell. Best puppy up to 12 months was Otis with Freya O’Neill. Best adult to 6 years Purdey with Karen Carnovale. Best veteran was Jade with Kath. Prettiest bitch was Lola with Megan Broom and Handsomest dog Bo with Steve Anstey. Best 6 legs in motion were Murphy with Dot Glover and Best titbit catcher Bo with Steve. Waggiest tail was won by Poppy with Ruth and dog the judge would most like to take home was Ebony with Sue Anstey.

The overall Novelty Show Champion was Purdey with Karen Carnovale, reserve champion Jade with Kath.

Well done everyone – a lovely day for dogs & handlers.

Together our May Day Dogstacle course and Club Show raised £175 which has been donated to the Seizure Alert Dog Training Charity.

Lots of puppies have been working on the Kennel Club Puppy course recently and successes were Stephen with Betty, Kate with Hugo, Seona with Bella, Adam with Wilbur, Vicky with Dexter, Freya with Otis, Andrea with Ludo and Lisa with Frankie. Silver passes were Phillip with Poppy and Helen with Ted. Gold passes were Sue with Doris, Lynne with Mitzi, Gemma with Harlo and Rachel with Tora. Well done everyone – lots of hard work but worth it in the end.

There are lots of fun ways for dogs and handlers to learn new skills. If you would like more information about the club please ring Sue on 01454 228803 or Karen on 01454 228891 for more photos see our facebook page.

Tummy rubs all round.

Barking Good Summer Show 2017

We had a lovely sunny day for our summer show but it was a bit warm for running about. We started with the activity events which are always very competitive. Paul with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lexie, arrived late – but, just in time to have a go at all the events. Lexie is a lovely girl and so very nearly a gundog, but she upset the applecart by being quicker on the agility course, flyball and haybale scurry than anyone else - despite being a golden oldie - so she won lots of red rosettes. Tara with Sue surprised us all by winning the gundog retrieve so Lexie didn’t quite make it a clean sweep although she did win the overall Activity Champion rosette.

Activity Results

Agilty 1.Paul & Lexie 2. Louise & Doris 3. Ann & Blossom
Gundog Retrieve 1.Sue & Tara 2.Ros & Harry 3.Paul & Lexie
Flyball 1.Paul & Lexie 2.Sue & Tara 3. Ann & Blossom
Haybale Scurry 1.Paul & Lexie 2.Ann & Blossom 3.Dave & Doris
Agility Small Dog 1.Rose & Poppy
Activity Champion Paul & Lexie Runner up Sue & Tara

After a lovely BBQ the novelty show started. There were some lovely puppies, lots of older dogs in very good condition, some very handsome boys and pretty girls, not to mention waggy tails. The stars of the show were Daphne and Daisy in the Best Brace Class. They paid attention to Louise and looked as if they knew what this show business is all about. Harry a lovely black flat coat retriever and with his handler Ros deserved to win the rosette for Best in Show. Purdey, Karen’s Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, was handled by Lucy and her sister Megan for the day and won most appealing eyes with Lucy and was also Reserve Best in Show.

Novelty Results

Best Junior 1. Helen & Ted 2.Katherine & Alfie 3.Pete & Jasper
Best Young Adult 1.Ros & Harry 2.Mary & Dolly 3.Anthea
Best Mature Adult 1.Meryl & Remy 2.Ros & Harry 3.Karen & Shya
Handsomest Dog 1.Abby & Teddy 2.Helen & Ted 3.Linda & Kylo
Prettiest Bitch 1.Mary & Dolly 2.Joley 3.Megan & Purdey
Waggiest Tail 1.Linda & Kylo 2.Lucy & Lola 3.Joley
Most Appealing Eyes 1.Lucy & Purdey 2.Pete & Jasper 3.Dot & Oscar
Best Condition 1.Helen & Ted 2.Megan & Purdey 3.Ros & Harry
Best Brace 1.Louise Daphne & Doris 2.Karen Shya & Purdey 3.Sue Rose & Tara
Dog Judge would like to take home Pete & Jasper
Show Champion Ros & Harry Reserve Lucy Megan & Purdey

Letti with Diana won the red rosette for winning the Dogstacle course. A really good effort from a young dog and her handler.

Thank you to everyone who came along and helped us to have fun and especially those who helped organise, judge and feed us, especially Gill Chapman who had the thankless task of judging the Novelty classes.
Thanks also to Gilly Otlet and Andy Stoneman who came along and took some photos of our lovely day, these are on our facebook page.
The day was great fun and raised £150 for the Seizure Alert Dogs charity.

Club Show 2016
The weather was very kind to us for our 2016 Club Novelty and Activities show and everyone enjoyed a lovely day, ending with a BBQ. Class winners in the Novelty Show were: Best Junior Dog Liz with Yogi, Best Young Adult Ros with Harry, Best Mature Adult Laura & Diddy, Best Long Coat Laura & Poppy, Best Short Coat Paul & Lexie, Handsomest Dog Olivia & Woody, Prettiest Bitch Jo & Ebony, Waggiest tail Paul & Lexi, Best 6 legs in Motion Louise & Doris, Most Appealing Eyes Ken & Archie, Best Big Dog Lucy with Lola, Best Small Dog Rose & Poppy. Overall Novelty Show winners Lexie & Paul.

In the activities section winners were: Dogstacle Course Sue & Tara, Agilty Challenge Anne & Blossom, Flyball Karen & Shya, Hay Bale Scurry Sue & Tara, Gundog Scurry Karen and Purdey, Obedience Karen & Purdey. Club Activity oveall winners were Karen & Shya.

We are very grateful to all our judges & helpers particularly Dianna who judged the Novelty Show and Claire from Talk to The Paw who judged the obstacle course.

Xmas 2015 - Well done everyone - our cake raffle, sponsored Xmas walk and doggy Xmas party raised £368 for Bristol Dogs Home. Tummy rubs all round

Club Show & BBQ Sunday 12th July 2015

The club held its 5th Club Show and BBQ on 12th July. This included novelty classes plus activity challenges - Dogstacle Course, Agility Competition, Flyball Competition, Haybale scurry and Gundog Scurry. Many thanks to Emma, Claire, Trevor, Chris, Mike, Dave, Martin, and David who judged the various classes/activities.
Novelty Show Champion was Carson (Rhodesian Ridgeback) handled by Angela Smith, Reserve Champion was Dudley (Rotweiler) handled by Helen case. Very well done to both.
Remy (Labrador) handled by Meryl Cook had a brilliant afternoon and was our Activities Champion. Shya (Labrador) handled by Karen Carnovale was our reserve Activities Champion.
Results Novelty Classes Best Junior – Purdey Best Young Adult – Remy Best Mature Adult - Oscar Best Condition- Carson Handsomest Dog- Dudley Prettiest Bitch- Nona Waggiest tail – Alice Best Mover - Blossom Best Brace – Rosie & Tara Best Tricks – Shya
Activity Classes Dogstacle winner – Remy Gundog Scurry - Shya Agility Winner – Remy Flyball winner – Remy Haybale scurry - Remy Apart from a couple of showers the weather was kind to us and dogs and handlers all had a wonderful day. We also raised a further £100.00 for Bristol Dogs Home.

We had a lovely day at Iron Acton May Day 2015.
Lots of members took part in a display of obedience and agilty which was much enjoyed by the crowd. We also organised a "Temptation Alley" challenge for everyone to try. This was won by Veronica Tomkies with Laddie (Greyhound!!) As well as enjoying the day we raised £60 for Bristol Cats and Dogs Home.

Our members Christmas Meal at The Lamb, Iron Acton was enjoyed by all, the Doggie Christmas Party in Rangeworthy Hall was the usual chaotic fun. We raised £112.00 from our "Name the Puppy" collection together with a raffle. This has been donated to the charity - Dogs for the Disabled.

Iron Acton K9 Club Novelty Winners 6th July 2014

Best Junior to 2 years Best Condition Age 3-5 Handsomest Dog Prettiest Bitch Best Veteran 6+ years
1 Bailey Max Woody Rosie Robbie
2 Dudley Remy Dudley Purdy Tara
3 Luna Dream Archie Daisy Tia
4 Purdey Timmy Robbie Tara Jess

Waggiest Tail Best movers 6 legs Best Brace Best Trick Dog the judge would like
1 Lexie Karen & Shya Blue & Sunny Tia Dudley
2 Rosie Tony & Bailey Tia & Gypsy Lexie Max
3 Tia Meryl & Remy Timmy & Dream Shya Luna
4 Daisy Kim & Ollie Rosie & Tara Daisy Archie

Show Champion: Rosie with Dot
Reserve Champion: Max with Rita

Iron Acton K9 Club Activity Winners 6th July 2014

Dogstacle Course Agility Challenge Flyball Hay Bale Scurry Gundog Scurry
1 Shya & Karen Rosie & Sue Shya & Karen Lexie & Paul Shya & Karen
2 Tara & Sue Lexie & Paul Tara & Sue Doris & Louise Lexie & Paul
3 Rosie & Sue Remy & Meryl Lexie & Paul Tara & Sue Tara & Sue
4 Doris & Louise Blossom & Ann Doris & Louise Blossom & Ann Remy & Meryl

Activity Champion: Lexie with Paul
Reserve Champion: Shya with Karen


5th May Iron Acton Village

The club organised an obedience and agility display for Iron Acton May Day in the show ring on the Village Green and also organised a Dogstacle Course and Scurry in the Parish Meadows for everyone to try out. The display went really well – very many thanks to everyone who took part on the day and for attending the practice sessions in the run up to the event.

The day was hard work but really good fun. Many thanks to everyone who helped get ready, took part or helped to clear away the equipment .We raised £90.00 from the various activities and that money will be sent to Dogs for the Disabled to help them with their work.

Competition results:
Dogstacle Course Scurry
Champions Karen & Shya Louise & Doris
Reserve Champions Mags & Tara Mike & Shya
Third Place Sue & Rosie Meryl & Remy
Fourth Place Alice & Tara Dave & Doris
Fifth Place Mags & Dream Kate & Maggie
Sixth Place Laura & Bella Sue & Tara
Junior Champion Larry & Rosie Larry & Tara
Reserve Junior Alex & Shya Millie & Remy

Well done everyone