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Contacts and class times

KC GCDS Obedience Classes

Rangeworthy Memorial Hall - Monday Evening and
Rhee Farm Cottage Monday& Tuesday Evening and Wednesday Afternoon

6.30 pm Monday Rhee Farm Cottage Gold Kennel Club GCDS
Karen 01454 228891 or Sue: 01454 228803

7.00 pm Monday Rangeworthy Hall Bronze Kennel Club GCDS
Sue: 01454 228803 or Karen 01454 228891

7.45 pm Monday Rangeworthy Hall Club Class GCDS
Karen: 01454 228891 or Sue 01454 228803

8.30 pm Rangeworthy Hall Kennel Club GCDS Silver Award
Sue: 01454 228803

Rhee Farm Cottage - Tuesday
5.45 pm Kennel Club Puppy
Sue: 01454 228803 or 07706092597

6.45 pm Puppy
Sue 01454 228803 or 07706092597

7.45 pm Club Class
Sue 01454 228803 or Karen 01454 228891

For more information please ring the contacts above or go to Obedience Training or Rally Training

Activity Classes

Iron Acton Sunday afternoon
Sue: 07706092597
Louise: 07941650188

For more information on Flyball agility Gundog scurry please ring above or follow the links.

Or email: