Gundog scurry

Gundog retrieve training is done outside and involves training your dog to retrieve dummies and bring them back to you. We meet on private land in Iron Acton.

Again we train for fun but more specialised training for competition can be arranged through
One of the benefits of gundog training is that it takes your dog’s passion for hunting and retrieving and moulds it into an activity that you can both enjoy. It helps to keep your dog physically fit and happy and as it is fun for you too, it helps you to build a great relationship with your dog.

A lot of the work centers around control – walking with your dog off lead, sit, stay, and fetch. It enables you to learn to control your dog outdoors and to work as a team.

We train our dogs to retrieve dummies over bales of straw –handlers send their dog to retrieve two dummies, leaping over bales of straw of varying heights. The dog must retrieve the dummies separately; each run is against the clock. Great fun for all concerned.

We don’t restrict this activity to gundogs, one of our fastest dogs is a staffie! Membership is by invitation from our Monday classes and members pay a £6 annual membership fee and £4 per session.

Some of our members have ventured to game fairs to take part in retrieve competitions. Very enjoyable but quite a test for dog and handler with all the distractions of a country fair. For more information visit