Flyball is huge fun for both dogs and handlers. It involves dogs being sent down a course of 4 jumps to collect a tennis ball and bring it back over the jumps to the handler. We meet on private land in Iron Acton.

Normally Flyball is organised as a team event with 4 dogs in each team being sent to collect balls as a relay event. Teams compete against each other and the fastest over 3 runs goes forward to the next part of the competition.
We enjoy flyball training as part of our agility sessions in Iron Acton along with gun dog scurry. The club has organised demonstrations and taster days for Flyball at local events. We train to enjoy ourselves and do not compete as a team in Flyball Association competitions but we do occasionally compete over single runs against other members or as teams of 2 or more just for fun.

Membership is by invitation from our Monday classes and members pay a £6 annual membership fee and £4 per session.

For more information on training and competing at higher levels go to: