Our obedience classes are based around the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme, we also include other aspects of general obedience and Rally for our more advanced dogs. We aim to enjoy our training as well as working hard. For fees see home page.

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Puppy Class.

Working towards puppy foundation assessment Puppies can start with the club as soon as they have had their vaccinations and the Vet has given the OK for them to be out and about. The class is for puppies up to around 16/18 weeks old. Part of the training is about socialisation both with other puppies/dogs and humans, in addition to beginning to learn basic commands and walking under the handlers control. Older puppies (less than 12 months old) can be assessed for the award in the starter/bronze class.

Starters / Bronze Award.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award aims to ensure your dog will walk and behave in a controlled manner on the lead, will stay in one position on command, will allow its owner to clean, groom and inspect it. The dog must also be able to be positioned by its handler for inspection i.e. stand, sit or lie down on either side or on its back, all on the lead. The dog must come to hand when called. Plus be able to go through a door or gate under control. The Bronze award aims to provide the handlers with a basic knowledge of understanding and training their canine companion.

Silver Award.

The Silver Award aims to build upon the skills learned in the Bronze Award whilst increasing the level of difficulty. It is a natural progression of practical dog training skills and introduces new concepts such as the controlled greeting, road walk, food manners and vehicle control exercises which are important in everyday life situations. The Silver Award aims to provide handlers with a good knowledge of understanding and training their canine companion.

Gold Award.

The Gold Award is the highest level of achievement of the KC Scheme. It builds upon the previous skills learnt and develops more advance training skills of the dog and handler. It introduces new concepts such as relaxed isolation, stop the dog and send the dog to bed exercises, which are important in everyday life situations. Exercises involve working in an outdoor environment off lead and are a good test of the dog and handler working together as a team.

Silver Plus training.

This session allows more experienced partnerships to enjoy rally training, scenting, retrieves, tricks and group display work. It is a very sociable class.

At all KC GCDS levels we aim to expand on the set exercises and broaden skills. We do not train purely to pass tests. Our aim is to help the dog and handlers improve their relationship, build their communication and produce well balanced, happy dogs (and handlers).